• Promoting scholarship and high academic achievement

    Mission objectives of the foundation to promote academic achievement is to provide resources to the community. 

  • Providing technological resources

    to prepare inner city  student achievers for academic and career success

  • Advocating for the disadvantaged in our communities

    To provide them voice and opportunities for enrichment

  • Ways to Give

    Help from committed sponsors like you insures the Foundation can continue its efforts to eliminate child illiteracy, improve urban education, and support academic research.

    Please give as much as you can; your contributions will help put an tablet computer, book, or much needed tuition in the hands of children striving for excellence.

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  • Issues

    The Foundation remains focused on issues that impact inner-city youth specifically from an academic success perspective.

    These issues include early childhood literacy, technological resources and course enrichment in public schools, and generating a talent pool of educators to serve these distressed areas.

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  • Mission

    The Foundation remains committed to promoting scholarship and academic achievement and providing resources, services and advocacy to the global community.

    The foundation focused on programming development to impact local, national, and global communities and endowment creation for a sustainable funding apparatus.

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  • Alpha Phi Alpha Charitable Foundation

    PO Box 2871
    Brentwood, TN 37024

    E -mail:
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Latest events:

Feb. 06 2013

Edward W. Brooke Scholarship Program 

The Foundation is looking for applicants for 2016 EWB Scholarship Program.  Candidates at both the high school and collegiate level should apply soon to be eligible. Application deadline is July 31, 2016. Submit applications to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jan. 31 2013

2016 Urban Tech Grants Program

The Alpha Phi Alpha Charitable Foundation is seeking applicants for the 2016 Urban Tech Grants gift of tablet computers for integration into school curriculum.

Jan. 01 2013

Expanded programming and outreach.

The Foundation is actively seeking opportunities to expand its programming and outreach.  These involve expansion of current programs and Alpha Grants iniatives.